Conclusion of Distributor Contract for Small Cell Antennas in North America

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Quintel USA Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp (CHPC), formally concludes and enters into an agreement with Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd of Japan (DKK) for a portfolio of innovative and leading edge small cell antennas with industry-leading adjustable remote electrical tilt features.

Small cells are part of an integral infrastructure for telco carriers transitioning to 5G as it allows cellular network densification. This densification will be completely different from traditional cellular infrastructure that utilize macro cell towers along highways and above rooftops. Being smaller and lightweight, small cells allow high density placements to be deployed closer to subscriber units by allowing installation on existing infrastructure such as street lights, electrical poles and building façades at every block, corner and node, instead of miles apart. This makes it a truly scalable and low cost deployment.

The resulting advantage small cells bring is true broadband connectivity in terms of speed, coverage and capacity to meet exploding consumer demand for data, leading to innovation and fueling new service capabilities in the realm of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, smart communities, connected cars, wearables, telemedicine and the Internet of Things.

According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association’s (CTIA) 2018 The State of Wireless report, the number of small cells deployed is predicted to rapidly increase over the next few years from about 13,000 small cells in 2017 to 86,000 in 2018, a 550% increase, and over 800,000 by 2026. (*1)  Additional citation from MarketsandMarkets Small Cell 5G Network Market research report, in 2019, global small cell market is projected to be worth US $528M which is expected to grow to US $3.5T by 2025, at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 37.1% during the forecasted period. (*2)

“The focus of the collaboration is synergistic to both companies where Quintel, an established wireless design, development, equipment and solutions provider to top US mobile network operators, will be tapped by DKK to act as its official sales, logistics, technical and after-sales service partner in the USA. We are truly excited to be partnered with a pioneering company consistent to the Quintel brand known for being a thought leader in the industry and for being well-positioned ahead of the upcoming 5G revolution”, CHPC Director and Quintel President Michael Liu said in a statement.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Quintel, who already has good mobile macro base station antenna market share in North America”, DKK Director Tsuyoshi Shimoda said in a statement. “This collaboration will not only increase the shares of the North American market for both companies but will also contribute greatly to the development of North America's 5G network, and further high-speed wireless communication infrastructure in the future” he added.

Quintel is one of the leading antenna vendors in North America with a reputation for high quality and lowest defect rate. It is known for delivering high performance products through excellent Passive Inter-Modulation (PIM), tightly engineered radiation patterns and optimized wind loading. Quintel pioneered the multi-port and multi-band technology that is now an industry standard feature. Quintel's parent company is Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp, a listed technology company in the Philippines with a market capitalization of more than US$200M.

DKK is a publicly listed company in the Tokyo stock exchange. It operates two business segments, the Telecommunication division and the Radio Frequency division. DKK’s Telecommunication division provides a full range of products and services, from the development, design, manufacture, and installation of antennas and peripheral equipment for mobile communication base stations and broadcasting, including everything from steel towers to shelters.



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