CIRTEK units secure ISO certifications

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Laguna-based Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp. on Thursday said its units were able to secure its respective ISO certifications on environmental and management standards, which will allow the company to attract more European and Japanese customers.

In its disclosure, the company said its units Cirtek Electronics Corp. and Cirtek Advanced Technology Solutions Inc. passed their ISO 14000 audits with zero non-conformance.

“Considering the stringent requirements of an ISO 14000 certificate, the company considers this a victorious achievement,” the company said. “Passing and securing an ISO 14000 standard provides assurance that a company has effectively established and maintains adequate environmental standards as well as management systems.” “This guarantees that organizations holding an ISO 140001 certificate adhere to the international environmental laws and regulations, run its operations with the aim of preventing pollution and continuously strive to improve its environmental performance, sustainability and green standards.”

Cirtek said being ISO 14000 certified opens its doors to the European customer demographics that are highly particular and selective with engaging partners who are environmental compliant and have a green advocacy.

The company said through its environmental certification, it expects internal organic sales growth from its European and Japanese customers.

The semiconductor industry worldwide is expected to experience growth between 10 percent to 15 percent this year.

Meanwhile, the company said it has extended its support to facilitate the drive to have majority of its employees vaccinated against Covid-19.

The company has cooperated with Laguna Technopark’s vaccination facility by fielding its own set of medical volunteers. As a result, it provided the employees easier access to a vaccination facility, which sits adjacent to the company’s premises.

This drove the workforce’s vaccination rate to 99.7 percent.

“Currently, the company’s medical team is moving forward to provide Covid-19 booster shots to strengthen herd immunity and pave the way to opening its doors again to international customers and visitors,” it said.

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